For the many music lovers and enthusiasts, knowing about the kind of music they love to listen to makes it more interesting.  A deeper appreciation of the sound you hear is developed as you find out facts which make it truly interesting.  And for the jazz music lovers out there, everything about it seem to spark that certain appeal even more.

Of the music genres that we know, jazz music is probably one of the oldest as it dates back to the start of the 20th century and it has been around in the African-American communities of the Southern part of the United States.  And since its advent, this particular type of music has spread in most every corner of the world thus giving birth to several deviations like New Orleans Jazz, West Coast Jazz, Gypsy Jazz and more.  Each has distinctions written all over the sound you hear and if you are a strong jazz music lover you are most likely to notice these.  Jazz is often considered the most “hybrid” of all music types given the many influences it has.

Louis Armstrong is perhaps the most famous name connected with jazz music and many followers and enthusiasts are unlikely to forget his ever-famous quote.  When asked about what the definition for jazz is, Armstrong simply replied saying “If you’ve got to ask, then you’ll never know.”  Today, jazz music is still prevalently loved by many.  And for them, jazz music is never without the most distinctive instrument connected with it – the saxophone.


Jazz music is considered to be the music for the soul. It eases one of their troubles and worries. This is why jazz is often the music of choice when people want to relax and unwind. Jazz performances are also widely appreciated and loved by many music enthusiasts because of their simplicity and calmness.

Jazz music is usually composed and relies with the assistance of musical instruments and rarely do you hear performance that includes voices or vocal assistance. One of their most popular tunes is made with the help of saxophones, a trumpet, a trombone, drums, clarinet and the likes. The performance is also very captivating and fun making the experience of watching them perform live worthwhile.

Jazz has its long roots beginning in the 20th century by African-Americans of certain European harmony and form of elements. Most of the famous Jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong are black. This is because the origins of Jazz music were from African-Americans as mentioned earlier. Louis Armstrong is a famous Jazz musician because of his unique way of switching between musical instruments and singing jazz music both at the same time. It was a very rare feat from its time.

Jazz music is widely known making more and more people acquainted with this type of music. This gave birth to many Jazz musicians in different parts of the world. Music is a universal language and anyone can enjoy such tracks without knowing its history or culture behind it. With that said, if you love Jazz music then you might want to know more about its roots.


Jazz music is what most people call the music that soothes the soul. This is indeed quite true as bars and clubs offer such amazing and relaxing performance giving calmness and easiness of mind to their listeners. This is why you often see the tired and weary people relax and unwind with a good dose of Jazz music. It has also become the music of choice when working for several hours on end.

Most Jazz songs don’t have lyrics in them. This is because a large amount of Jazz players and groups don’t have a singer, so the melody is played by an instrument. Just like a mariachi band where most of their groups are composed of Mexicans, Jazz music and most famous Jazz musicians are black. A very good example of this is the incredibly popular Jazz musician Louis Armstrong who is a Jazz trumpeter and singer at the same time. This allowed him to combine Jazz music and alternate between singing and playing them.

As mentioned earlier, most Jazz musicians are black. This is because Jazz music was born and originated in the south from the African American culture. It’s a culture thing and each country has their own unique and diverse style of music, making it quite different on their own. Music has a wide entry access and everyone can enjoy any form of genre. The same can be said with Jazz music as ethnics and race don’t necessarily matter for one to enjoy it.


There are lots of music kinds existing worldwide but jazz music is one of a kind that also attracts a lot of people. The development of jazz music is very well appreciated by people and not only to the Americans. Jazz music is relaxing to many people while also make a lot of people feel alive and bouncing. Its development, from its original Afro American music origins to its present musical state, can be termed as very innovative and has evolved through the years. From its original musical state, which was the black work songs of the time, the sorrow songs, the hymns and spiritual songs, the rhythmic and melodic elements were predominantly African, but is adopted and well received by the people.

Jazz music began its development originally from New Orleans in the US. It spread throughout the North Americas, to Chicago, New York, and the other states and cities of the US. The Blues kind of music, which consisted of vocal instrumental music, is a vital part of jazz and its development as an influential type of music. The others include ragtime, swing, be-bop, cool jazz, Latin jazz, rock jazz, and all these contributed to the development of jazz. All these contributed to the jazz music development to its present state which shows the evolution of this type of music.

The history and development of jazz is very interesting to many people because it is a part of the American Cultural Heritage. It is a kind of music that is reflective of American culture and when people talk of Jazz music, they will see the connection of this music kind to the American culture, because of the music’s origins. It is a kind of music that has evolved and grown from its original roots up to the present state that is seen nowadays, and its high influence to the other kinds of music these days. In terms of the future of jazz music I was startled to see new devices that allow non-trained people to play complex chord progressions on internet enabled devices. This web design los angeles firm was telling me about ableton’s new push device which is a complex chromatic grid of chords all restricted to specific key. Future musican’s will use devices like this and ipad application to make new forms of jazz. Its critical to  never forget the roots of jazz though.

The development of jazz music from its original forms of the blues, ragtime, swing, be-bop, progressive jazz, and others is very well followed up by people and not only the musicians. The recent trends of jazz has been very well accepted by people, and one can see the high influence of the Latin beat and Afro American jazz music combined, resulting to a kind of music that can make most people dance. Jazz music has not only evolved to its latest jazz trends but is also a big influence to the other types of music of today, like rhythm and blues, country, and rock and roll.

The development of jazz music to its present kind, like the progressive jazz type of music, is very well manifested these days. These are the cool jazz types of music of today, the modern jazz music that is well loved by many people. Rock and roll music, which has already got so much popularity, also had its share of influence from jazz music. The progressive jazz music has this influence in rock and with many rock artists using this, and much to the delight of listeners and fans.


Jazz music’s origins come from New Orleans of the USA at the turn of the 20th century although other parts of the country had their share of this kind of music. West African black folk music influenced and developed into this kind of music, which is also influenced by the popular and classical music of Europe, and it further developed into the rhythms of ragtime and into the Blues, which are among the cultural and musical achievements developed in the country. The unique expressions projected in this music come from the people’s life experiences and emotions which served as the inspirations of the music’s creators.

It can be said that music as an art is as essential to people as what their means of livelihood can give them. It can be a source of inspiration and the music was the way people then expressed their feelings and emotions especially on the kinds of life experiences they had even helps with physical alignments like the knees and joints. Jazz standards and rhythm and blues were played and these were the music that people then find as their entertainment sources and also as their motivation and inspiration sources. People danced to the rhythm of Be-bop and listened intently to the harmonies of the Blues and also Cool Jazz.

The history of jazz music is traced to the early1900s in America, specifically in New Orleans and regarded as the start of the big band era. Recordings of the jazz music performed by the big bands in those times enabled the jazz music to be heard around the country and appreciated by many. Jazz music during those times spread because it was performed by New Orleans bands as a form of entertainment in the steamboats traversing the Mississippi river. The beat of this kind of music which is a combination of ragtime, the blues, black spirituals, and including a combination of European classical music, caught the fancy of many, and eventually loved jazz music.

It was in the early years of the 1900s where the music journeyed to and travelled to the big band era where many jazz stars and bandleaders became famous. These bands became the successful hotel dance bands of their time and their bandleaders became very famous, where their main sources of revenues were from playing for ballroom dance crowds in hotels and other places. The big bands had their music arranged by an “arranger” because of the bigger numbers of musicians in the group, and various parts of the music were assigned to different sections in the band.

Jazz music is one of the oldest kinds of music of the US and is one of the most celebrated music kinds and already considered as classical music. This kind of music is a part of the African American tradition which started from Ragtime and Blues and on to the Big Bands and Be-bop kinds of music. Many American musicians got very popular as jazz artist during their time. Louis Armstrong is an example of an American jazz musician who is one of the most celebrated in his time.


For musicians who have the talent to write and express their emotions about, doing all about jazz music composition is not a very hard task. Why? Because it only takes one’s knowledge of music and passion for it to go with the mood and flow of tunes. Mostly improvisation, many people have tried defining jazz as a form of music to no avail. With its encompassing breadth in music, jazz indeed is one interesting form to study and compose about. So if you have a bit of intense drama waiting to burst inside you in the form of music, here’s some guide to help you with your very first composition.

Always think of improvisation.

You may already know right now that jazz composition is mainly about improvisations. Three things you have to remember always: improvise, improvise, and always improvise. Ad libs are always welcome and usually, not restricting the song to any instrument like with guitar or drums gives it a more smooth and swift effect to the one who listens to it. However, one jazz song to another may vary from performance to performance and you have to practice this thing when you are all about jazz music composition. The order usually follows when you are to pay the theme, when and what you are going to do to improvise, see where the soloist will put his voice in order and other more details that would make up for the whole song. Still, doing a little choreography would help you to practice things so that you know exactly when improvisation would work the best for you.

Work on your melodies.

What’s notable about jazz music is that you’ll definitely hear melodies that are likely to be full of strings. When it comes to jazz music, you call that stringing melody a head. That head progresses into another melody that gives you the feeling of being blue, or what is referred to as the “blues melody pattern”. Jazz is traditionally made up traditional blues; or you might say a direct derivative of it. However intricate, intense or complex some songs are, some of them follow no pattern at all. That’s why when it’s all about jazz music composition; you get to consider the melody as the main theme of your song and not the theme itself to dictate with how the melody would be.

The last thing you have to think about is the rhythm.

Although some song composers may think of the rhythm as first in the song, jazz music sees it differently. Jazz music and songs are usually centered on syncopation. It is the process by which instruments are played against the rhythm of each other while everything else is still following the music counts in a measure. In layman’s term, this is exactly the opposite of playing in unison. This is how you get the character, the mood, and the affinity of jazz to make its improvisations. This is what makes the song move and rhythms flow. This is what it is all about jazz music composition.


Jazz music is a part of American history because this kind of music originated in the US and in particular, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jazz music has an influence from the Blues, an African American music that is an expression of the pain experienced by people because of the injustice they felt and also pain from lost love, and also the expression of victory from the face of adversity. The Blues evolved and not only limited to the music of the hymns and work songs and became one of the main foundations of jazz music. Up to this time, the Blues has a high impact in other kinds of music, and not only with Jazz, and still continue to evolve.

New Orleans, where jazz music originated, has a long history and tradition of celebrations, where marching bands, the opera, the big bands playing music in ballroom dance halls, and many others are regular fixtures. All throughout the city, you can hear the Blues, different types of gospel music, ragtime, and including the dance styles that goes with jazz music and all these you can hear and see. The influence of Jazz music can be felt all around the city and this has influenced the other kinds of music which has evolved from Jazz, soul, and the Blues, like folk, rhythm and Blues, country and rock and roll.

Louis Armstrong is considered a pillar in Jazz music in the Americas. If one will talk about Jazz history in the North Americas, the name Louis Armstrong will also pop up. Louis Armstrong is synonymous with jazz because of his clear and warm voice and his sense of swing and perfect harmony, which made him the perfect symbol of American Jazz. He is considered to be one of the most influential musical artists in the American music history and is loved throughout the world because of his contribution to Jazz and American music and its contribution and influence to the other music kinds.

The influence of swing in jazz music cannot be denied. The big band sound during those early times in the early 1900s had swing which got very popular. The piano was one of the most popular musical instruments used then, but what were considered as the most popular were the individual sounds played by the different musicians which made up the big bands and when played together, came out with music where most people find very danceable. Be-bop, a type of jazz music had people dance to the tune, every time they heard the music.

The influence of the Latin beat and Afro-Cuban jazz can also be seen in the evolution of jazz music in the American music history. This is the combination of other music kinds that had a high influence in jazz music in the Americas, the combination of African, Latin, and the other Spanish music influence in those times. The music is a combination of ragtime, blues, swing, and other music kinds that through its percussion beat, the music created is a unique blend of music and dance.



With the popularity of jazz around most culture in all walks of people, it is no surprise to know that some would see it as an art and encourage its use for everyone. Not only are musicians and people alike appreciating jazz music but as well as common people; who might be, just like you and me.

Jazz music as an art is truly one way of describing the effect of this particular music to people. For us, art is expressing oneself freely without any inhibitions and being liberal within what message we want to convey. For jazz music, the element of surprise is always present on each note, rhythm and harmony it follows that you cannot say one being the same as the other.

Jazz is an art in a way that it can associate individual listeners together as a group. It shares a unique music balance that is different from any other kind of music and yet something that you can easily relate to. It’s like you don’t know the lyrics of the song you are singing but your feet and body are following the same rhythm and beat without mistakes. As with a painting, you can relate jazz music’s ability to connect with the people through each note, beat and ad lib jazz musicians are doing.

The origins of jazz can be traced early from the 20th century. But when exactly jazz music became as an art does not matter anymore with it being one of the most popular music spreading across the African American neighborhood until it reached far west of the whole America and Europe. Influencing mainstream music, jazz has been influenced too by the many cultures it has gone with and the different regions it was brought to. When jazz was once like a monotonous genre, it took a different flair when it came up with different distinctive styles from every culture in every language.

One good quality of jazz music as an art is that it’s free and not restricted to just one style of jazz music. Unlike other genres that you can easily guess what will be in and what will be next, jazz music carries the “element of surprise”; by which every strum of the guitar is different and every beat of the drum can be easily felt. Its worldwide variation and improvisation improved its texture and sound to one’s ears making it more unique by having exactly no word able to describe it although many have tried to put up a definite label with it.

The growing popularity of jazz music as an art brought forth possibilities and showed how versatile one song could be without always following the same note over and over again. That’s why if you think as much that you are one of those people who feel free about himself and is not confined in a box, jazz music is the perfect choice for you. It is today’s art of expressing to the world and to yourself who you are without being put inside a box and following what has been traditional with music and its notes.


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